No Vaping Allowed Vaping Ban No Vaping Sign

Where is vaping illegal?

Here at Doozy, we’re based in the UK meaning there are no bans on vaping…

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Donald Trump Vape Flavour Ban

How will this affect the US? Word on the street is that Donald Trump plans…

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Can Vaping Kill You?

There has been a lot of speculation lately into whether vaping can cause death due…

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Doozy Cocktails 50ml Shortfill Pineapple Raspberry Sangria

Doozy Cocktails Recipes!

If you haven’t heard already, our brand new Cocktails Collection is here! We’ve come up…

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Hooded Figure in Red Smoke Cloud

Can Second-Hand Vape Smoke Be Harmful?

It’s Not Smoke Second hand vapour is the smoke-like substance exhaled into the atmosphere by…

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Doozy Vape Co E-Liquid Blog

Can E-Liquid Go Bad?

E-liquid takes a long time to go bad as it is shelf-stable. Shelf life does…

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Doozy Vape Nicotine Salts Doozy Salts

Quitting Smoking Benefits

Normal White Blood Cell Count When you stop smoking, your body will begin to repair…

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Vape Coil

How Vape Coils Work

A standard E-cigarette consists of the following components: a mouthpiece, a liquid storage area, an…

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Doozy Vape Pod Salts Fusion

How Vape Pods Work?

There are two  different types of pod mods: Refillable pod systems: Also known as open system…

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Aeroplane Wing

Are Vaping Devices Allowed on Planes?

Can’t go anywhere in the world without vaping? We all know that you can’t smoke…

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No Nicotine Strength

Why Vape 0 Nic?

Why do some people vape 0 percent Nicotine Strength? Here are the most common reasons…

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Doozy Vape How Nicotine Strength is calculated

How to Calculate Nicotine Strength & How E-Liquids Are Made!

E-Liquid comes in two main types: VG and PG which stands for Vegetable Glycerin and…

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