E-Cig vs Cigarettes – What Are The Differences?

Ecig vs Cigarettes

There have been a lot of arguments between E-cig vs cigarettes.

The traditional form of a cigarette is the most commonly used form of consuming tobacco.

Following the introduction of the e-cig, people became interested in knowing the actual difference between the e-cig and the traditional cigarette.

E-Cig vs Cigarettes

We will look at the chemical constituents, their effect and hazards.


1. Smoking cigarettes are the most common form of tobacco consumption around the world.

The nicotine contained in a cigarette is regarded as a psychoactive drug, making a cigarette highly addictive.

The introduction of the e-cig delivers nicotine by heating it at a lower temperature.

E-cigs get consumed in a liquid form through a process called vaping.

2. The e-cig has an electronic implement

An E-cig, known as a vape pen functions by increasing the temperature of a liquid resulting in the production of vapour to be inhaled by the user.

E-cigarettes operate using an energy source. Its purpose entails making it quite possible for the sensation of tobacco smoke to fill its users without any actual smoke.

Not the case with traditional cigarettes.

3. The main constituents of e-cig are the e-liquids

This is found either in tanks or cartridges.

The e-liquid contains nicotine and tobacco combined mostly with propylene glycol, colourings, flavourings and other chemicals.

The usual tobacco cigarette, unlike e-cigs, is composed of about seven thousand (7000) chemicals that are likely to cause hazards to human health.

Although there are claims that chemicals are in e-cigs, it is way lower relative to the harmful contents in tobacco cigarettes.


They still categorise these devices as tobacco products.

Reports have shown that e-cigs are a means to cut down on smoking and even possibly quit smoking altogether.

Traditional cigarette smoking does not give users an option to stop smoking, but the addiction becomes stronger gradually.

5. The shape of an E-Cig

The usual shapes of an E-Cig are like a pod, a pen or an electronic pipe.

According to a case study, the liquid it contains may smell like fruit, whereas the traditional cigarette smells like the original tobacco.

6. There is a big range between the amount of nicotine found

The amount of nicotine found in an  E-Cig and the traditional cigarettes has a big range.

So it might not be okay to assume that the two products are interchangeable nicotine provision systems.

In areas where they don’t allow cigarettes, e-cigs are allowed in such areas.

7. How they give out smoke

While smoking gives out nicotine by burning tobacco which can result in smoking-related illnesses like lung cancer, emphysema or heart disease.

E-Cigs on the other hand produce nicotine with an increase in the temperature of a liquid via heating which is considerably less harmful in regards to nicotine intake.



E-cigs have not resulted in any form of danger to human health.

It offers checks and balances, reserved health, and responsible usage.

It filters unnecessary chemicals which could cause harm to the user.

The traditional form of taking a cigarette has its uniqueness, and the danger it poses to its users can be high.

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