8 Must-Try Doozy Vape Flavours

Doozy Must-Try

One of the best things about Doozy Vapes is that you are spoilt with different vape juices – from 50/50, shortfills, to nic salts – in a variety of tasty flavour options.

This begs now the question: what Doozy vape juice should I try?

Here are our Doozy must-try  flavour recommendations.

Must-Try Doozy Vapes

Flavour  Strength PG/VG 
Doozy Vape Co. Liquid Gold  3mg  70% VG
Doozy Vape Co. Berry Blast  3mg  70% VG
Doozy Vape Co. Pink Haze 3mg  70% VG
Doozy Mix Salts Cream Tobacco 10mg 50% VG
Seriously Soda Salts Blue Razz Lemonade  10mg 50% VG
Seriously Bar Salts Cola Ice  10mg 50% VG
Doozy Temptations Ice Cream Cake 3mg  70% VG
Seriously Donuts Glazed Biscuit  3mg  70% VG

Liquid Gold: Gold-Star Pudding Flavours

Doozy Must-Try Liquid Gold

Doozy’s Liquid Gold is a combination of “custard, pastry, syrup and cream.”

When you first puff this vape juice, you will instantly get an onslaught of syrup which provides an almost honey-like flavour but without the ‘scorch’ that can make honey a bit excessive at times.

The pastry hits you next, with a buttery profile that soothes the syrup notes and opens the gates for the rich custard and sweet cream aspects.

The dairy delight comes in a little later, taking some of the syrup intensity away and leaving you with a mellow, luxurious palate.

Liquid Gold is an indulgent combination of flavours that would ordinarily be quite overwhelming, yet its flavour notes offer a magnificent balancing act.

As most of the sweetness comes from the syrup note, the pastry, cream and custard become quite grounding in comparison, making it perfectly session-worthy.


Berry Blast: A Zesty Skirmish

Doozy Must-Have Berry Blast

Berry Blast is a combination of “strawberries, raspberries and ice.”

The raspberry is the main event here, with strawberry acting as a floral counterpart to restrain the tarter aspects of the raspberry flavour.

The natural fruity flavours are permitted to do their thing without the need for sugary enhancement, a bold yet classy choice in a world of overly sweetened e-liquids.

The ice is very special in this juice, too. Often “ice” juices have a bit of a botanical flavour to them; not quite menthol, but strong enough for the ice to impact the overall profile. 

This was not the case with Berry Blast. Instead, you will get a restricted amount of ice to provide a palette cleanse, ensuring you didn’t get bogged down with too much-lingering berry flavour.


Pink Haze: A Sorely-Needed Sorbet

Doozy Must-Have Pink Haze

For Pink Haze, you will get “zingy lemon and citrus fruits with a tangy edge.”

There’s no harsh sourness whatsoever, instead, you will be greeted with a very sweet lemon base flavour that has a taste that is highly reminiscent of sorbet or sherbert.

There’s also an element of grapefruit in there, with the sweet lemon cascade ensuring the tartness never grew to a distracting level.

A light touch of ice m brought the overall taste home.


Doozy Mix Salts Cream Tobacco: Tobacco With A Touch of Lux

Doozy Must-Try Cream Tobacco


Cream Tobacco, from Doozy’s new Mix Salts line, is a decadent and extremely well-balanced pairing of contrasting flavours.

The cream hits you right off the bat, very similar to the creamy profile of the aforementioned Liquid Gold but with a more reasoned approach to sweetness.

Beneath that ocean of cool, pure white cream lay a bedrock of rich and toasted tobacco flavour. Minimally spiced and familiar in taste to anyone who likes – or used to like – rolling tobacco, it takes on the creamy flavour brilliantly, resulting in a luxurious overall flavour that’s very easy to session.

Fans of pure tobacco might prefer something like the Tobacco e-liquid from our Doozy’s Fifty 50 range.

MIST, a UK vape shop, hails our Doozy Fifty 50 Tobacco as the best 50/50 nic salt in 2023.


Seriously Soda Salts Blue Razz Lemonade: Berry Beverage Bliss

Doozy Must-Try Blue Razz Lemonade

Blue Razz Lemonade brings that same sweet lemon flavour from the Pink Haze.

Unlike before, however, the tartness of the blue raspberry came to the rescue and added a pleasantly zesty note which prevented the lemon sweetness from blossoming too far.

Typically, Blue Raspberry / Lemonade flavour puts the blue razz in the spotlight with a gentle citrussy banknote, but that isn’t happening here.

The sweet lemon begins the charge with the berry sourness shaping the overall tone of the e-liquid.


Seriously Bar Salts Cola Ice: A Cool Cola Cascade

Doozy Must Try Cool Cola Ice

Cola Ice is from Doozy’s Seriously Bar Salts range, which delivers disposable-vape levels of sweetness to refillable kits.

Sweet cola-soda flavour notes hit you instantly, that peculiar and oh-so-sweet arrangement of sugars and sweet botanicals that make cola such a unique beverage.

Coming up behind is a layer of glacier ice, yet it’s been used intelligently.

The ice doesn’t impact the overall profile of the e-liquid, instead simply ensconcing the luscious soda flavour within walls of arctic chill, ensuring a cooling exhale.

Most cola vapes end up tasting a bit more like cola bottle and cube candies, so you will find our Cola Ice incredibly satisfying – it tastes and – more importantly – FEELS like a genuine carbonated beverage! It is absolutely one of the best Doozy e-liquids you should have in your vape juice rotation.


Doozy Temptations Ice Cream Cake: Cakey Vapey

Doozy Must Try Ice Cream Cake

Many ‘cake’ vapes provide a more general ‘baked’ taste, but Ice Cream Cake will take you back to that slice of birthday cake you eat on the way home from a friend’s party as a kid.

Ice Cream Cake from the Doozy Temptations range offers delicious cake flavours that come thick and fast the moment you start to inhale, with a velvety vanilla spice interweaving through the entire profile.

It’s got a moist, sweet, and moreish flavour, and the vanilla grants it a creamy icing note.

So if you like cake flavours, then you will ADORE Ice Cream Cake from Doozy Temptations.


Seriously Donuts Glazed Biscuit: A Caramel Cookie Crumb Cataclysm

Doozy Must-Try Glazed Biscuit

The final must-try Doozy vape juice is the Glazed Biscuit, which is a part of our Seriously Donuts range which, as you might expect, deals solely in tasty donut variants.

You will get a fiery caramel sauce, coming from the flavour of a very popular rectangular cookie often served with coffee.

Beneath this explosion of cookie flavour there blossomed a rich, sumptuous and pliant taste of freshly fried donuts slathered in a sugary glaze.

Glazed Biscuit is one of the most indulgent flavours in our line-up. It is an incredibly sweet and darkly spiced blend of rich bakery flavours.

Doozy Vape Juice is a Decidedly Decadent Delight!

Here at Doozy, we can confidently say that we have vape juices to suit every taste preference!

Our wide range of e-liquids showcases a remarkable balance of flavour, which is incredibly valuable in an industry where many manufacturers assume ‘sweeter = better.’

Here are our favourites: 

  • Doozy Mix Salts Cream Tobacco: A beautiful velvety profile that indulges in sumptuous creams yet never loses sight of the toasted tobacco base. 
  • Seriously Bar Salts Cola Ice: Probably the best – and most accurate! – effort at the taste of a fresh-from-the-fridge can of cola. Incredibly refreshing. 
  • Seriously Donuts Glazed Biscuit: A rich and intensely sweet marriage of bakery flavours with a fiery, darkly spiced sweetness underpinning the whole effort. Bellissimo.


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