Seriously Donuts in Spain (Stats & Trends)

Seriously Donuts in Spain

Seriously Donuts in Spain: Statistics, Trends and Favorite Products for 2023 

If you are a fan of donuts and vaping, you might have heard of our Seriously Donuts series, a range of e-liquids that captures the delicious flavors of freshly baked donuts.

Now, if you´re about to take a vacation trip to Spain and have become fond of our products, you might be concerned about their availability in that country, in case you run out of e-liquid during your trip.

So in this article, we will take a look at some statistics, trends, and favorite products of Seriously Donuts in Spain, one of the fastest-growing markets for vaping in Europe.

So you can relax and enjoy your trip knowing you´ll be able to purchase your favorite Doozy vape products during your travel.

Statistics about favorite flavors to explain why Seriously Donuts is so popular in Spain 

According to a recent report by Euromonitor International, Spain is the fourth largest market for vaping products in Europe, after the UK, France, and Germany.

The report estimates that the sales of e-cigarettes and e-liquids in Spain reached €265 million in 2022, and are expected to grow by 8% annually until 2025. 

One of the reasons for this growth is the increasing popularity of dessert-flavored e-liquids, especially among young adults who are looking for alternatives to traditional tobacco products.

Dessert flavors account for 35% of the total e-liquid sales in Spain, followed by fruit flavors (30%) and tobacco flavors (25%). 

Among the dessert flavors, donut-based e-liquids are one of the most sought-after categories, thanks to their rich and satisfying taste that mimics the real thing.

Seriously Donuts is one of the leading brands in this category, with a market share of 12% in 2022.

Since its arrival in the Spanish market, physical and online stores like Vapori (our main retailers in Spain) have maintained a constant stock of Seriously Donuts shortfills.  


What are the most popular flavors of Seriously Donuts in Spain?


Seriously Donuts offers six mouth-watering flavours that cater to different preferences and palates.

Each flavour features a soft and fluffy donut base with a different topping or filling that adds an extra layer of complexity and sweetness: 

  • Strawberry and Cream: A classic combination of ripe strawberries and whipped cream on top of a glazed donut. 
  • Raspberry Jam: A tangy and fruity raspberry jam filling inside a sugar-coated donut. 
  • Original Glazed: A simple but satisfying flavour of a plain donut with a sweet and sticky glaze. 
  • Lemon Drizzle: A zesty and refreshing lemon icing drizzled over a warm donut. 
  • Glazed Biscuit: A crunchy and buttery biscuit topping on a glazed donut. 
  • Apple Fritter: A spiced apple filling with cinnamon and nutmeg inside a crispy donut. 


According to our sales data, the most popular flavor of Seriously Donuts in Spain in 2022 was Strawberry and Cream, followed by Raspberry Jam and Original Glazed.

These three flavors accounted for 60% of the total sales of Seriously Donuts in Spain.

The other three flavors were also well-received but had a lower demand compared to the top three. 

We expect that these trends will continue in 2023, as more customers discover and enjoy the delicious taste of Seriously Donuts.

However, we also anticipate that some new flavors might emerge or gain popularity in the future, as we are always working on developing new and innovative products that meet our customers’ expectations. 

Favorite Products: How to vape Seriously Donuts? 

If you want to try Seriously Donuts for yourself, you will need a compatible device and some accessories to get the best vaping experience possible.

Here are some tips on how to vape Seriously Donuts: 

  1. Choose your nicotine strength: Seriously Donuts come in 100ml shortfill bottles with space for 2 x 10ml nicotine shots to be added. 

    You can choose between freebase nicotine or salt nicotine shots, depending on your preference.Freebase nicotine provides a stronger throat hit, while salt nicotine offers a smoother sensation.

    You can also choose between different nicotine strengths, from 0mg to 18mg.


  1. Choose your device: Seriously Donuts are best suited for sub-ohm devices that can handle high wattage and produce large clouds of vapor.You can use either a box mod or a pod mod with a sub-ohm coil or pod.

    We recommend using devices that have built-in safety features to prevent overheating or short-circuiting.


  1. Choose your coil: The coil is the part of your device that heats up the e-liquid and turns it into vapor.You should use coils that have low resistance (below 1 ohm) and high surface area (such as mesh coils) to get the most flavor and vapor from Seriously Donuts.

    You should also replace your coil regularly (every 1-2 weeks) to avoid a burnt or muted taste.


  1. Choose your settings: The settings of your device affect how your e-liquid tastes and feels.You should adjust your wattage, voltage, and airflow according to your preference and coil specifications.

    Generally speaking, higher wattage and voltage produce warmer vapor with more flavor and throat hit, while lower wattage and voltage produce cooler vapor with less flavor and throat hit.

    Airflow also affects the temperature and density of the vapor; more airflow produces cooler and thinner vapor, while less airflow produces warmer and thicker vapor.


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