The Benefits of Vaping

The benefits of vaping

In this blog, we’ll provide you with 5 benefits of vaping.

Vaping can have a negative reputation which is somewhat untrue.

In some articles or journals, we see or read different variations of reports about the health benefits of electronic cigarettes.

The information on vaping reflects tentative risks and overemphasised dangers.

There is no proper laid down benefits of vaping that encourage it as the best substitute for traditional smoking.

The public even rejects the findings of experts and researchers in the field because it does not align with the public message of vaping.

That makes things confusing!

This article can explain some factual points with a healthy dose of benefits of vaping and what it can do for you.

So what are the main pros of vaping?


1. It Controls nicotine consumption

Vaping offers you command over your nicotine consumption.

The E-juice contained in E-cig is available in different ranges and strengths.

It is possible to know the amount of nicotine contained in your vape.

It is also possible not to use nicotine at all. Many vapers begin with high nicotine levels and reduce it in more rounds.

Some even eliminate nicotine after several months of vaping.

2. It gives you control over vapour

Vapour control is another exciting benefit of vaping. It constitutes a significant part of the experience.

Some vape users prefer smaller devices like pod vapes with lower wattage which equals less power.

Others like more powerful mods which you can increase the wattage to increase power, producing a stronger hit and bigger clouds.

It is possible to adjust the power output and airflow. You can also change the coil type as it lets you correct your vapour volume.

Having control over your vape can make you subtle and stealthy.

Don’t forget the more clouds you produce the quicker your liquid is being vapourised so your liquid isn’t going to last as long!

3. Vaping satisfies you instantly:

With the latest technology available, devices have evolved and the coils are produced to handle more power.

This is so you can increase the wattage for a more satisfying vape.

Disposable Devices have recently increased in popularity due to their convenience aspect.

You have a decent coil with a good battery and the liquid is pre-filled so you get an instant. hassle-free vape on the go.

Once it’s finished, you dispose of it and get another flavour from our Doozy Nix Range.

Once your vape is ready to use, it will give you an instant fill.

The average vape can comfort you throughout the day. It needs no maintenance or upkeep cost.

4. No poisonous or unpleasant odours:

One of the benefits of vaping is that it does not smell bad on you.

Vaping tobacco is flavoured and does not smell like tobacco.

To a lot of people, the vapour smell is slightly noticeable. You might even get compliments as a result of the fragrance.

5. Affordable for everyone:

The vaping market is large and competitive. Many vaping products have different price ranges.

The price range can be from £5 to £100+.

Whether you want an easy E-cig or a high modern vape mod and premier e-liquid, there’s an affordable vape for you to use.

It suits almost any user at any level.

To Finalise The Benefits of Vaping

Vaping needs no experience at all. Sure, you can make time to collect vaping gear and practice how to build your coils.

You could have a pleasant vaping experience as a beginner.

There are beginner starter kits as well as simple pod vapes for newbies.

A lot of vaping products do not require any experience at all.

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