UK Vapers Favour Low Nicotine Strengths

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From the first World War to voting to leave an entire group of countries (known as the EU), at Doozy Vape we’re based in England and us Brits aren’t known to be sensitive, easily repelled people, which is why the headline may appear shocking to some. The arrival of tobacco in England was the 27thof July 1586, so the option to smoke and develop a nicotine addiction has been available for over 400 years.

“The majority of vapers in the UK are on 6mg of nicotine or less according to data from a collaborative survey.”- ECigIntelligence, the UK Vaping Industry Association, Vapouround Magazine, 2019.

An online vape shop survey has also found fewer people are purchasing and consuming 20mg of nicotine – the highest strength e-liquid product available under tobacco laws and restrictions in the United Kingdom. Are the cigarette replacement systems we have in the UK on the NHS responsible for this result?

“Results stated that the strength of 20mg represented the smallest level of sales at 5%.”

Upon our personal experience, this is evident to see as our range of 20mg Doozy Nicotine Salts, (Doozy Salts) are more popular in other countries such as the US and South America compared to over here in the UK where high nicotine dosages are less sought. However, is this because Nicotine Salts and pod salts are newer to the industry than your ‘average’ e-liquid juices? Or is there a bias against high nicotine strengths due to the repressed thoughts of ex cigarette smokers?

“Results showed that 6mg accounted for 25% of sales and

3mg accounted even lower with 20% of 3mg liquids being sold in the UK.”

In terms of flavourings, the UK’s preferred flavours according to the survey were fruit flavours and menthol (mint flavour).

It’s looking like the least favourite flavour of the people in the UK stands at tobacco flavours from original tobacco to caramel tobacco, this seems to be a shockingly unpopular choice for ex cigarette smokers! Here at Doozy we have a Baccy Roots range, why not try it today and make tobacco enjoyable?

Back to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland’s favourite flavours. Luckily enough for ourselves, we devoted an entire range of our liquids to fruit flavours, the Doozy Fruit Collection. The collection includes our apple and mango flavour Nektar, more mango with lychee and pineapple Tropikana, find berries and green apples mixed with bubblegum in our Verylicious e-liquid.

Although it doesn’t match the dull and miserable British ‘summer’ weather at the moment, for more fruity flavours check out the Doozy Vape Cool Collection which includes Orange Chill and Berry Blast. As well as iced lychee and cold berries in Avalanche and frozen grapes and chilled summer berries in Blizzard.

To join the nation’s hype, check out more of our fruity flavours listed on our website. Also, follow us on Instagram @doozyvapeco to stay updated with what we’re doing… Perhaps we’re working on a new release right now! Stay tuned…

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