New To Vaping? The Do’s And Don’ts

The dos and donts of vaping

Are you new to vaping? Read Through our blog of the do’s and don’ts.

When considering vaping, you must know the rules that guide it.

The knowledge of vaping prevents users from misusing it.  

First of all, what is vaping? 

Vaping involves the application of an electronic element to deliver nicotine by heating a liquid instead of burning it in the case of smoking cigarettes.

The aerosol produced by the heat of tobacco extracts and other compositions is safe.

Vaping has been considered a convenient way to quit smoking, giving smokers who are willing to stop using it a chance to socialise without too many boundaries.

Users also spend less and feel better about their progress at the same time.

According to health experts, vaping helps one keep the good feeling that smoking provides but dramatically reduces the risk by at least 95%

 When you decide to use an e-cig, you must understand the need to be precautious to enable a casualty-free exercise, easy use and optimum results acquired.  



Do: For a much milder effect on the throat, it would be prudent to consider using a mouth–to–lung vaping technique instead of a direct-to-lung vaping technique. 

As the name implies, mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping entails users inhaling and holding the vapour in their mouths to deliver it down their lungs.

It is similar to the smoking technique.

Also, it is more socially acceptable as the flavour of the e-liquid is experienced without exhaling a lot of vapour into the environment.

This method is appropriate for beginners.

The direct-lung method takes the vapour directly into the lungs with no intermediary.

It is an advanced style of vaping, but it gives a harsh hit. Hence, mouth-to-lung is better. 


Don’t: Do not vape dehydrated! Take a glass of water before you inhale the aerosol. 


Do: To give your throat a soothing feeling, consider the use of menthol-based e-liquid. 


Don’t: Do not opt for an e-liquid with a high percentage of Propylene Glycol (PG). A lot of people are sensitive to this. Instead, choose an e-liquid with a high amount of VG in its composition. 


Do: Avoid e-liquid derived from unknown sources.

This can be essential as it determines the state of or the effect on your health.

So to avoid health complications, the purchase of e-liquid from unlicensed street vendors should be discouraged by all means necessary.

Do not vape anything without adequate knowledge of where it came from or the nature of its contents. 


Don’ts: Do not take a dry hit.

A dry hit is when a burnt cloud goes directly into the lungs.

The cause of this burnt cloud is when the prime is not coiled before vaping.

This tells you that proper care and use of the vaping kit are equally important because taking a dry hit is not entirely pleasant.

You should make sure you wet changeable parts during change before placing the tank back together.

Always make sure the tool sits for a couple of minutes before use. 

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