Nic Salts Vs E-Liquids Which Is Better?

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Nicotine Salt

  • Come in higher strengths than freebase
  • Are more soluble and absorbed more easily providing quicker nicotine relief. Can be absorbed in 15-20 seconds
  • Found to be more helpful for stopping smoking
  • Strong throat hit for those who want to replicate the feeling of smoking
  • Contains Benzoic or Citric acid
  • Is smooth at high doses
  • Can’t handle high flavour complexity
  • Does not enable large cloud production
  • Suited to mouth-to-lung vaping style
  • More expensive by volume
  • Ideal for new vapers, or mixed users
  • Well suited to pod vapes and lower power vape devices
  • Less liquid needed for comparable nicotine hit
  • Slow oxidation means longer shelf life


  • Less of a throat hit for those who prefer a smoother vape
  • Compatible across a wider range of devices than Salts
  • More flavour choices due to this method of vaping being around longer
  • More available as more places sell them due to their earlier release than Salts
  • Generally lower nicotine strengths than Salts, beneficial to those who don’t need a strong nicotine hit or want to vape 0mg
  • Contains no additives
  • Has a slower absorption rate
  • Is harsh at high doses
  • Can handle high flavour complexity
  • Enables large cloud production
  • Suited to mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung vaping styles
  • Less expensive by volume
  • More suited to low and medium nicotine strengths
  • Higher power devices needed for maximum vaporising
  • More liquid needed for comparable nicotine hit
  • Faster oxidation means shorter shelf life

So in conclusion, neither is better than the other. It depends what effect you’re wanting i.e. strength of nicotine and throat hit. If you want a larger nicotine strength with a stronger throat hit, nic salts would be the better option. However if you want a lower nicotine strength or maybe no nicotine at all also known as vaping 0mg, freebase e-liquid is the better option.



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