Is Vaping Safe?

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There has been a lot of controversy and negative publicity surrounding vape at the moment. This is due to the recent deaths related to vaping recorded in the US which has led to the ban of flavoured e-liquids in Michigan, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. However, despite this ban, flavoured e-liquids may not be the problem.

85% of the victims whose deaths are linked to vaping have admitted to purchasing illegal black-market THC products, meaning consumers do not know where these products are being made. These products also contain vitamin E acetate which is used to thicken the THC oil and experts say this oil is coating the inside of users’ lungs and making it difficult for them to breathe.

What about regular e-liquids?

Here in the UK, ourselves and many other premium brands do not use ingredients such as THC, Diacetyl, Acetone Propylene, Vitamin E acetate in any of our products. Our products are manufactured in ISO/IEC 19000 registered labs and go through third-party testing before they are available to customers. In the UK this is known as TPD compliance and in the US products are regulated by the FDA. We ensure all of our products are TPD compliance and that the legal MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are provided to those selling our products.

“There’s a reason why Premium liquid costs more as we invest in compliance and testing and use ingredients and concentrates with certifications to provide the very best and safest liquids to the vaping community. There is always the risk someone at some point is going to fall ill due to the effects of vaping liquids that cannot prove they are safe because to provide safety data costs money and if they have nothing to hide this should be provided.

Although the media is talking about THC products at the moment, it’s only a matter of time before the vaping industry we so love and feel a part of will be decimated if end users and retailers keep supporting suppliers who do not provide MSDS at the very least to prove they are selling a safe product that has been checked by a third party. We urge all retailers and end users to be more prudent in what they invest their money in as we are in this long term and would hate to see an entire community fall apart, as well as people losing their jobs and turning back to cigarettes,” Imran Ismail, CEO and Founder of Doozy Vape Co.


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