Coil Friendly Vape Juice

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What do vapers mean by ‘coil friendly’ and why is it important?

The majority of vape kits these days have coils inside their systems, apart from Pod Systems and smaller devices e.g. the JUUL.

The coil helps the vape / e-cigarette to function by connecting to the base of the system which has the battery in it. The coil is usually found near the top of the vape within the Atomizer / Clearomizer, meaning it is close to where you fill your juice.

As a result, coil can develop ‘gunk’ from the leftover e-liquid, it can burn and create an unpleasant taste in the mouth instead of your usual favourite flavour you wanted!

Rest assured, continue reading to find out about our most Coil Friendly Juices:

The Doozy Cool Collection

Our mint / menthol based collection is proven to be coil friendly due to the low amount of sweetness used in the range. Sweetners in e-liquids can cause caramelisation on your coil, very much like caramelised sugar.

Cool Crush

Doozy Vape Co Cool Crush Blue Raspberry E-liquid
On the inhale, the distinct blue raspberry slush followed by a burst of subzero that combines the berries and brings this to the fore. The aftertaste is reminiscent of blue slush straight out of the machine.


Doozy Vape Co Avalanche Lychee E-Liquid
Mouth watering lychee and juicy berries with a twist of ice making this an ADV for many.


Doozy Vape Co Blizzard Grape and Berry E-liquid
A cocktail of grapes and summer berries with the chill factor! Mixed grapes and berries combined to leave an unforgettable taste – this is a smooth yet crisp and refreshing vape that is hard to put down.

Berry Blast

Doozy Vape Co Berry Blast E-Liquid
A chilled cocktail with a deliciously intense hit of fresh strawberries and ripe raspberries. This vape will provide a fresh hit of berries with the perfect level of coolness.

Orange Chill


Doozy Vape Co Orange Chill Orange and Lime E-Liquid
Orange on the rocks with a twist of Lime. The perfect level of coolness to make your mouth water on the inhale, followed by a mixture of orange and lime with a blast of ice.


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