Top 5 Best-Selling Summer Vapes!

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Summer Vapes – Do you switch up your juice flavour based on the season?!

Here at Doozy Vape Co, we’ve noticed there seems to be a theme in the #DoozyFam ‘s purchases based on what time of year it is…

You might have heard that Fruit flavours tend to be the most popular in the Summer season. However, we looked at the purchases from our buyers from the beginning of June to mid July and can reveal that the Top 2 choices were actually Menthol based!

Our most popular flavour at the moment is our Frozen Berries Nicotine Salt which is available in 10ml at 20mg Nic strength in the UK, as well as 30mg and 50mg available in the US only. Frozen Berries has a mixture of your favourite Summertime berries with an icy throat hit. Refreshing to vape leaving a delicious taste on your lips after every puff!

In 2nd place was Cool Crush which again is menthol based berries, but this time the focal point of the flavour is Blue Raspberry with an icy hit. This is available in the 10ml size at 3mg Nic strength or 6mg Nic strength, as well as a 50ml Shortfill at 0mg Nic Strength (with options to add your own Nic Shots t0 0mg).

Moving away from the menthol flavours, here are your favourite Doozy Vape Fruit flavours:

Fizzy Lemon Nicotine Salts – Fizzy Lemon Sherbert Goodness with a strong fizzy throat hit. Available in 10ml at 20mg Nic strength in the UK, as well as 30mg and 50mg available in the US only.

Apple Chews – From our Doozy Sweet Treats range, this is a fan favourite for sure. Sour Apple Candy bursting with flavour. Available in a 50ml Shortfill at 0mg Nicotine Strength with options to add your own Nic shots.

Liquid Gold – This is one of our Original flavours when we first started here at Doozy Vape Co. No matter what time of year it is, Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter; Liquid Gold always comes up as frequently purchased via our website. Liquid Gold is a mixture of Vanilla Custard, pastry, syrup and thick cream perfect for a vaper with a sweet tooth! Available in the 10ml size with 3mg or 6mg Nic Strengths, or a 50ml Shortfill with 0mg Nicotine in it (Nic Shots are of course available on our website).

That’s it for our Top 5 Summer Vapes…

Now which will you try first?




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