Switch to Vaping Save £800 A Year!

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Vaping is the new hype globally and here’s why.

A study shows that vapers can save up to an impressive £800 a year compared to cigarette smokers.

Experts say switching solely to vaping could save smokers £15 a week. Credit: Alamy

The difference of £783 was calculated by University College London, which also found people who rely on nicotine patches or gum spend £523 on them annually.

With an average vape starter kit costing around £15.00 and the average price of a small e-liquid starting from £4.99, vaping is proven to be much more cost efficient.

Some consumers could be going from spending £15 a week to a mere (perhaps not even) £4.99 a week depending on how often they vape and what size liquid they buy.

Smokers who have converted to vaping save between £12-15 a week as the average pack of cigarettes / tobacco costs £12.03.

We asked one of our Doozy customers their personal experience regarding cost efficiency.  Janet from Bristol mentioned to us on the phone that: “I used to go through 3 packets of cigarettes a week which cost me around £39. When I started vaping I would only need to buy 1 liquid a week at a cost of £4.99 and then moved onto 2 liquids which only costed me a tenner. That’s a saving of £19 a week!”

The good thing about vaping is the variety of e-liquid sizes you can get. For example, Shortfills which start at 50ml to 100ml can last consumers the entire month for an average cost of just £14.99 for one bottle! That’s the same cost as one packet of cigarettes which a smoker would purchase every week, not every month!

So if you’re a cigarette smoker, what are you waiting for? The main advantage of vaping which is discussed most often is it’s benefits to health and wellbeing, however, many people don’t consider the large sums of money they can save by making this simple switch.


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