Can E-Liquid Go Bad?


E-liquid takes a long time to go bad as it is shelf-stable. Shelf life does vary depending on the brand of the e-liquid. It will also vary according to how long it is stored for. As a guideline, e-liquidsare expected to last between one and two years if stored correctly. Different brands and different flavours use different chemicals, this means that some vape juices will most likely last longer than others. For example, Fruity Flavour vape juices are more likely to expire due to the ethanol in the liquid breaking down.

How to store e-liquid:

E-liquid is a very unchanging, thick mixture meaning that it is unlikely to expire short-term.

Follow these steps to ensure your vape juice lasts as long as possible:

  • Seal your e-liquid bottle as tightly as possible to prevent air and bacteria from reaching the mixture and spoiling it
  • Store your e-liquid out of direct sunlight as heat can cause separation within the mixture.
  • Heat can often spoil the vape juice before the expiration date listed on the packaging. It is best to store your e-liquid at room temperature. Do not leave your vape juice in a hot room or hot car to avoid spoiling it.

Do PG and VG quantities affect the lifetime of the liquid?

Propylene glycol aka PG is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral chemical, helping to prevent spoilage over time. VG liquid differs as it needs a hand when choosing a place to store, as it is more vulnerable to bacteria over long periods of time. However, remember both liquids contain nicotine which is susceptible to heat and sunlight, reiterating again why it is important to store your vape juice correctly.

Has my vape juice gone bad?

How do you know if your e-juice has gone bad? One of the best ways to conclude whether or not you can still use your e-liquid is by checking its viscosity. If the liquid appears more ‘watery’ than its normal thickness, it is likely that the e-liquid has separated. Separation can also be spotted if you shake the liquid and not all parts combine together. Look out for discolouring of the e-liquid as well as the change in thickness. The easiest way to tell if your vape juice has expired is if it tastes different to how it usually does.

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