Orange Chill E-Liquid – 10ml

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Orange Chill 10ml – Orange on the rocks flavour e-liquid with a twist of Lime. The perfect level of coolness to make your mouth water on the inhale, followed by a mixture of orange and lime with the ice hit giving you a memorable aftertaste of citrus that leaves you wanting more.

If you’re a fan of this Citrus flavour e-liquid, why not try Pink Haze for a similar Citrus blend?

Additional information

Weight 25 g

10ml (TPD)


PG30 / VG70

Nic Strength

3mg, 6mg



5 reviews for Orange Chill E-Liquid – 10ml

  1. Scott (verified owner)

    I have been vaping for around 2 years I’ve tried all different sorts of liquids some really good some not so good but doozy vape for me is by a country mile the best vape juice there is out there I’ve tried all flavours and they are all really good this orange chill I like although I think tropikana is the best in the range I won’t be using any other from now on thumbs up from me ?

  2. Henners (verified owner)

    Vape Calypso! Remember Calypsos those icey orange summer delights, something to cool you off on hot day? This is the juice version. Once again the juice is incredibly versatile, put it in your tank or on your dripper and it delivers. The coolness hits first enveloping the back of the mouth, the smooth tangy orange as if chilled in crushed ice reveals itself with a confidence. There’s no shying away here it’s sweet orange, it’s crushed ice there’s a hint a lime teetering on the exhale. Here’s the thing, there is always a hint of something else, something that makes you hit the button again, I ended up chasing this yumminess to try and nail it down. The whole experience is so incredibly smooth with a roundness of sweetness. A wonderful trip down memory lane of long evenings spent as a child with a low slung summer sun a treat from the freezer to bringa smile to my face.

  3. Sean Cameron

    definitely reminds me of orange calippo lollies you could get from the ice cream van. great blend of sweet fresh orange with tangy lime citrus and that hit of ice to top it off.. spot on

  4. Ashley Lodge

    Love my orange flavours usually get orange ice from fantasi but now this is my new go to. Orange & Lime is the perfect combo and this flavour still has that cool icy blast on the exhale too. Its a refreshing flavour that’s got me hooked!

  5. Abi Dixon

    My favourite orange vape flavour! Fresh, cool and juicy with every puff! Delightful!

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