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Pink Haze Pod Salt 20mg

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Customer Reviews

  1. Luke Senior

    amazing hit of fizzy lemon like a mouthful of lemonade with a pleasant nicotine hit enough to satisfy your craving

  2. Mikey Green

    Love the e-liquid version of this – Awesome Fizzy Lemon with a refreshing exhale, touch of raspberry on that exhale.. Definitely my new ADV for my pod device thanks guys

  3. Anna Davis

    LEMON SHERBET! Love it!

  4. Oliver Miller

    my favourite pod salt the lemon is so refreshing and combined with the tang you get on the exhale.. 10/10

  5. Nikki Sanderson

    20mg of that perfect pink haze flavour… the taste of zingy lemon sherbet with a tangy citrus edge like the most delicious lemonade you could ever taste.

  6. Liz Grave

    love the collaboration with pod salt pink haze itself is sweet
    I recommend doozy and pod salt to anyone their stuff is sweet

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Pink Haze Pod Salt 20mg


Pod Salts arrive at Doozy. Zingy Lemon and a concoction of Citrus Fruits with a Tangy Edge. Fusing the perfect balance of sweetness and citrus that culminates into one of the best fruity Lemon vapes. Vaper’s globally recognise Pink Haze as the reference liquid of choice, an ADV that is one of our best sellers for a reason.

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