I placed my order and realised I have moved, what do I do?

Please ensure the delivery address is correct at the time of placing your order. Your payment method has separate address details to the
actual order itself so please ensure both are correct. Our system only delivers to the address on the Order. If an order is sent to an
incorrect address this order is not refundable or re sent. The order will need to be paid for again if the order is to be sent again by us to
the correct address.
Custom Clearance, Duty and Taxes All Duty and taxes are paid by the purchaser in their respective countries. The purchaser is responsible for all Customs Clearance. Juice Deals Claiming your Free Product Please always make sure you claim your Free Product when buying a Juice Deal. If the Free Product is not chosen we do not include it as it MUST be claimed at the time of placing your order before you checkout.

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