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Orange Chill 60ml (6x10ml)

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Orange Chill 60ml (6x10ml)

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Orange Chill - Orange on the rocks with a twist of Lime

On the inhale you get freshly squeezed Orange and Lime with the perfect amount of coolness to make your mouth water. On the exhale you get a mixture of Orange and Lime Tic Tacs with the ice giving you a memorable aftertaste of citrus that lingers on the palate. 

ECID number 00062-1600199

For us at Doozy Vape Co it’s all about delivering awesome flavour, but it is how we deliver it that makes us market leaders.

In the coming weeks we will be including GC-MS analysis, according to European Pharmacopoeia guidelines alongside all our liquids. Giving absolute confidence to our customers that they are buying the safest juice money can buy.

As part of our quality control every batch of liquid is tested using a multi stage screening process.

The raw materials used in our liquids are sourced from established suppliers that are well regarded for their services in this industry.

We only use high purity ingredients that are safe from all toxic contaminants. The nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycol (VG), we use to make our great tasting juice is sourced from suppliers who actually supply the same ingredients to many pharmaceutical companies for use in various medical products, such as nicorette patches and nicotine gum.

The term, ‘hand made in small batches’ best describes our practices, that surpass those currently employed by other e-liquid manufacturers.

All our liquids are TPD Compliant