Why Vape 0 Nic?

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Why do some people vape 0 percent Nicotine Strength? Here are the most common reasons why.


It is less harmful

Nicotine is an addictive and also poisonous chemical that transfers toxins into the blood stream which can increase of your risk of a heart attack or stroke. This is due to the high level of adrenaline provided by nicotine, increasing your heart-rate which can cause it to malfunction.


Smoother vaping experience

E-Liquids without Nicotine are generally thinner meaning that when the liquid is vaporised into smoke, the clouds are less overwhelming which provides a smoother vaping experience when inhaling and exhaling the smoke. There is also the absence of the ‘pepper’ like taste some people have described Nicotine to have, meaning the liquid has a stronger flavour than one with Nicotine in it.


Less throat hit

A throat hit is the feeling of the smoke from your vape hitting the back of your throat or lungs; some people enjoy this feeling whereas some find it uncomfortable so if you’re the latter we advise vaping 0 percent nicotine.


Larger quantities of juice available

0 mg Nicotine e-liquids are available in larger quantities, particularly Shortfills from 50ml to 120ml meaning that your liquid will last you longer and is better value for money. Whereas liquids with Nicotine in are generally sold as 10 or 15ml regular bottles of e-liquid meaning you’re more likely to run out of juice sooner and in the long run, spend more money.


Did you know? There are even restrictions due to health and safety on the strength of Nicotine available in the UK, the highest being 20mg whereas in the US vapers can enjoy up to 50mg. Always remember to check your laws and restrictions on vaping depending on which country you are in. Especially if you are there on vacation or on holiday!

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