What is Vapers Tongue?

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Vapers tongue is a phrase used to describe not being able to taste vape juice. It is said that most vapers will experience this from time to time. This inconvenience usually lasts for 1-3 days but at worst can last for up to two weeks!

Why is it happening?

Vaping can sometimes cause a dry mouth much like smoking does. If your mouth is dry, there won’t be enough saliva on your tongue or taste buds meaning that they won’t function as they should. If you are new to vaping, perhaps an ex-smoker and are still smoking alongside vaping, this will affect the taste you perceive.

Another reason could be to do with your sense of smell. Have you got a cold at the minute? Blocked sinuses? Your taste buds and nose work together in order to distinguish flavour. In fact, smell actually accounts for up to 70% of that resulting flavour.

How to get rid of vapers tongue

Drink more water – This will help you get rid of your dry mouth, tongue and taste buds. Lubricating the taste buds with water gives them full functionality. Keep drinking water until your vapers tongue has gone!

Change your juice – Vaping the same flavour all the time might mean that you’re just so used to it you can’t even taste it anymore. Put down your ADV and try something new. Menthol and Cool flavours are the best juices to use when experiencing vapers tongue. These flavours don’t use taste or smell to be recognised. Menthol and cooling vapes can help you reset your palette / taste buds.

Clean your tongue – Make sure you’re purchasing a toothbrush with a rough side that you can use to clean your tongue. These typically have rubber bristles on them which can remove bacteria from your tongue / remove a coating on your tongue.

Vape less often – I know this one must be a hard read, but if you cut down on vaping you’re going to see less of the side effects. Take long breaks from vaping to reduce your chance of vapers tongue.

Use an oral hydration product – Biotine, mouthwash, spray, toothpaste or an overnight gel.

Vape unflavoured – Pretty self-explanatory – if your issue is not being able to taste your flavour, go flavourless. These juices have a little bit of sweetener in them, so you should be able to taste a little bit of sweetness as opposed to completely nothing.

If the problem persists?

Your dry mouth could be a common side effect of a prescription drug or medication. Seek the advice of your doctor or dentist if this becomes an ongoing problem.

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