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Chasing The Flavour, Expo Style: DoozyVapeCo Shakes Up 2018

Let’s be honest. The annual Vaper Expo UK is like the biggest mass pilgrimage (to the biggest candy store ever). If you were at Expo 2018, you’ll know it wasn’t full of kids, although at Doozy, it’s all about the #DoozyFam.

On October 25th 2018, the fam road-tripped it out to Birmingham, where we were beyond psyched to showcase the DoozyVapeCo Sweet Treats and Nic Salts range. The best-looking stand doesn’t build itself, but something about setting up bubblegum pinks, jet blacks and childhood game stands reminded us why we love what we do.

“When #ChaseTheFlavour is your job, you know you’re onto something good.”

Hundreds of boxes of our juice. Wheel cart stands. Our promo girls dressed in Doozy’s flagship line colours. The setup was shaping up well. What we weren’t prepared for though, was how well the Expo would go. Friday 26th was our B2B chance to network with industry professionals, take to the stage and remind people why our vaping evangelists come in Doozy aprons.

“The difference is the flavours. It’s an experience. When you vape Doozy juice, everything from the inhale to the exhale is just…on-point”– Imran, Director, DoozyVapeCo

A B2B experience can go well or it can bomb. When your product is the bomb though, you’re red-carpeting a brand that has experienced a 40% growth in all international regions in 2018. Handing out flyers and 20% off discount cards (that stay valid until November 20th 2018)? Tip of the iceberg. We’re expanding into Russia, Germany, Holland and other international destinations. For consumers in Blighty, Doozy is now stocked in over 30 ASDA stores with plans to be nationwide by 2019.

The B2C Weekend (An Entire Nation Chasing The Flavour)

The sheer crowd of consumers waiting to get their hands on Doozy’s Sweet Treats and Nic Salts over Saturday and Sunday’s B2C made us glad we’d provided those interactive childhood games (and that DoozyFam photobooth).

“If anything describes B2C Expo punters, it’s #DownToVape. They came to #ChaseTheFlavour. They 100% got it.”

Our pre-chipped Sonic and Street Fighter games offered 1200 options. We don’t have 1200 flavours, but that’s called focusing on quality. Stand C700, we’ll miss you, but we loved every minute.

We’ll never stop Chasing The Flavour. Join us.

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