Keep your Vape Cool in Hot Weather!

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The Summer weather brings a challenge to the Vape Nation and their tanks, liquids and even mods.

Here are our top tips for keeping your device cool in the hot weather, ensuring optimum performance all year round.


  1. Avoid leaving your e-liquid bottles or tanks sitting in direct sunlight or inside a hot vehicle.

This is because e-juices will start to decompose at 40 degrees. You can tell this is happening when the liquid changes colour, the viscosity changes, and the flavour doesn’t taste the same. This is most common in high VG (vegetable glycerine) e-liquids. Even if you try to cool the liquid down, it won’t have the same flavour it had before all that heat messed it up.


  1. No matter how tempting, DO NOT vape overheated e-liquid! This can cause your coil, atomizer or tank itself to clog up quickly, leak liquids and become unfit for usage.


  1. The same goes for batteries…

E-cigarettes all contain lithium ion batteries of different varieties. If a battery gets hotter than 38 degrees, the lithium ions in these batteries begin to erode the metal inside the vape, damaging the cell. This will cause your battery to become weak, so you’ll find when you’re charging your vape it takes longer to get to full battery and the battery life itself doesn’t last anywhere near as long as it originally did. Lesson learnt: don’t leave your devices in hot settings, especially cars in the summer weather…

MODs are also at risk in the summer heat. A mod creates a connection between the battery and the atomizer coil. So, if this is heated up your device will definitely not function properly and there’s no point buying a new mod or coil because the chances are your battery has probably been affected by the heat too!

APVs are also prone to damage in summer heat. APV’s are Advanced Personal Vaporizers that contain wires and circuits. With the press of a button, an electrical signal is sent to the battery to heat the atomizer coils. How are you supposed to vape if this is damaged?!

And our final useful tip is to:

  1. Avoid using car or USB chargers for your devices during the hot weather because these can heat up your batteries in hot temperatures and really affect the function of your vape.

Remember, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water in this hot Summer weather and follow our tips so that you can continue vaping!

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