Can Vaping Kill You?

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There has been a lot of speculation lately into whether vaping can cause death due to recent deaths in America linked to vaping, as well as one vape user being left in a coma.

Victims were reported to have been using CBD (cannabis oil) in the vapes and health officials have identified a common contaminant in some cannabis oils sold in the states in cannabis dispensaries.

There have been warnings about those purchasing homemade e-liquids which can contain harmful substances such as spice… This is why it is important to always make sure you are purchasing from a verified vape store / e-liquid shop.

It’s always important to note how often you are vaping, as they say anything can be bad for you unless used in moderation.

Our Advice:

  • Be sensible – Have breaks from vaping, don’t keep your device in your mouth all day.
  • Try to cut down on vaping and gradually cut down on Nicotine strengths as Nicotine is still a harmful substance that brings toxins into the blood.
  • Vape 0mg liquids, avoiding the intake of any Nicotine at all.
  • Stay away from vaping CBD products, there are alternatives of using CBD which are now legal in the UK for medical use such as CBD oil drops for your tongue and CBD creams to rub onto the skin.
  • Ensure you are purchasing from a legal, registered e-liquid shop or vape store.
  • It goes without saying, do not use tobacco or e-cigarette related products unless you are of the legal age which is 18 here in the UK and 21 in some states in the US.
  • Don’t believe everything you read! Vaping is still way more safer than smoking cigarettes and is even certified by the NHS in the UK, with vape shops appearing in UK hospitals as a healthy alternative to smoking.

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