Are Vaping Products Regulated?

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In the UK, vaping products are regulated by TPD – Tobacco Products Directive. You can find these regulations in Article 20 of the TPD.

The TPD introduced new rules for nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and refill containers from May 2016. This also includes labels and leaflets surrounding the product, as the TPD requires that the packs include an information leaflet about safe use of the product, product storage and ensuring the battery does not malfunction.

These rules ensure:

  • minimum standards for the safety and quality of all e-cigarettes and refill containers (otherwise known as e-liquids)
  • that information is provided to consumers so that they can make informed choices
  • an environment that protects children from starting to use these products.

From May 2017, the new requirements:

  • restrict e-cigarette tanks to a capacity of no more than 2ml
  • restrict the maximum volume of nicotine-containing e-liquid for sale in one refill container to 10ml
  • restrict e-liquids to a nicotine strength of no more than 20mg/ml
  • require nicotine-containing products or their packaging to be child-resistant and tamper evident
  • ban certain ingredients including colourings, caffeine and taurine
  • include new labelling requirements and warnings
  • require all e-cigarettes and e-liquids be notified to MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) before they can be sold

These laws allow you to report any safety concerns to MHRA or inform them if a product is not compliant with TPD regulations.

All of this information is available at:

In the US, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulate vaping products and the regulations are similar to those in the UK:

  • Restricting youth access
  • Conducting retailer and manufacturer checks
  • Increasing requirements for manufacturers
  • Utilizing premarket review requirements
  • Providing data to inform premarket applications
  • Preventing youth tobacco use through enforcement actions, policy and education
  • Continuing to invest in more science and research

So to answer your question – Yes, vaping products are regulated. Most product information e.g. on websites, will include the phrase ‘TPD Compliant’ or ‘FDA Approved’ to assure you of this.




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