Are Vaping Devices Allowed on Planes?

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Can’t go anywhere in the world without vaping?

We all know that you can’t smoke cigarettes whilst travelling on a plane. Unfortunately you can’t vape either, but can you bring your vape with you to use when you land?

Yes you can bring your vaping device on the plane with you. Here’s how:

  • Bring your vape in your carry on luggage / hand luggage that will be kept with you during the flight.
  • You can’t bring your vape in checked luggage as there is a risk of it causing fire due to the batteries. This applies for all devices, whether you’re bringing a large tank or a small JUUL device.

Can you take vape liquids on a plane?

There are security rules regarding normal liquids e.g. water bottles, aerosols. This means that the same rules apply to e-liquids. The rules mean that you can bring e-liquids in your carry on/ hand luggage as long as the container is 100ml or smaller and fits in a clear zip top bag. Any larger amounts of liquid must be packed in your checked luggage.


Tips to avoid getting your vape confiscated / breaching the law:

Research the rules and laws of the country you’re going to – there’s a chance that vaping could be banned, like it is in Turkey!

Never travel with marijuana or marijuana products. CBD / THC liquids are not permitted in many states of the US. These are not allowed not even in your hand luggage. If you have a weed vape pen then make sure you clean it thoroughly even if you aren’t bringing cannabis; there is still a chance of the scent being picked up by police dogs and authorities.

Always ensure you check your airline’s website to understand their rules and regulations about flying with a vaping device. Some airlines could have stricter rules than TSA.

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